SMART Recovery at Counseling Speaks

SMART Recovery at Counseling Speaks

Self-Management and Recovery Training

Counseling Speaks is excited to announce that we will begin hosting two SMART Recovery meetings in February! SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training) Recovery is a mutual-support group for behavioral and substance addictions.

SMART meetings provide a judgment-free space for people to discuss their addictions with peers. SMART believes that individuals have the power to create change in their own lives, and the program is designed to empower participants to make the most beneficial changes.

SMART is based on a four-point program:

1) build and maintain motivation
2) cope with urges
3) manage thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
4) live a balanced life

Meeting topics support these four points and can range from disputing irrational beliefs to setting realistic goals for behavior change.

All tools used in SMART meetings and in the SMART handbook are developed from evidenced-based addictions research.

The meetings are always free, although you may make donations to support SMART Recovery’s main office.

SMART Recovery Meeting Information:
Open Meeting for Anyone
Tuesdays (beginning February 13th)
155 N. Michigan Ave.
331 240 0044
Email us for more information

Closed Meeting for Counseling Speaks Clients
Wednesdays (beginning February 14th)
155 N. Michigan Ave. #335
331 240 0044
Email us for more information

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